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under the pearl moon

These gorgeous poems are accompanied by interludes of memoir, where we travel with poet Rick Maxson from Ohio to Spain, California to Carolina, Texas to Florida—and more. (Maxson has moved more times than you can count, and with each move he’s brought poetry forward to this crowning moment.)A lifetime of experience, gathered into a luminous book of poems, Under the Pearl Moon takes you into the arms of love, wisdom, nature—and, of course, a glorious share of pearls and the moon.

under the pearl moon poems by rick maxson

under the pearl moon

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In Under the Pearl Moon, Rick Maxson's poems, each with jewel-like detail, tell a story of longing, leaving, return, and promise.—Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author of All the Honey and host of The Poetic PathReading these poems is like basking in shared moonlight.—Tania Runyan, author of How to Write a Poem, How To Read a Poem, and How To Write a Form Poem

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Let it be the river Eno—
as if the map of where is wind,
it buckles in the autumn trees and grasses.
Back bent on a lift of limb
I twist, as sap drops like alluvium scattered
on steep slopes, where water weakened in its course.
I would so quietly live
among the particles of light and air, a hue
ubiquitously hiding along guiding banks of green,
garden, rake, and furrow,
yellow aging tear-shape falling,
wet and taken, leaf and ribbon...

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Rick Maxson is the Every Day Poems permissions editor and a contributor at Tweetspeak Poetry. He worked as a technical writer for over 20 years. Later, during his time as a business analyst for Hewlett Packard he developed an interest in poetry. His poems have been published in Tania Runyan’s How to Read a Poem and How to Write a Form Poem, as well as in Sara Barkat’s Earth Song: A Nature Poems Experience. Maxson’s work has also appeared on The Poetry Foundation’s The Slowdown podcast. He lives with his wife Carol in the Texas Hill Country.

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